2022 Enorossi RR 420EVo 13′ 9″ Rotary Rake, Pull-Type, 11 Arms

Available at our Watsontown location.

RR 420-EVO Rotary Rake

Rotary Rake available in rear-mounted and pull-type version depending on the customer needs. Provided with 4 tandem pneumatic wheels that allow a perfect raking action and clean forage including on uneven grounds. Tandem axles have large distance between wheels in order to give the rake an optimum stability on slopes. Wheels are close to teeth.
In the pull-type version the HIGHSPACE system and tandem wheels stability allow to lift the rake of 50 cm. from the ground in order to keep working on the field without touching the windrows already made. Oil bath gearbox and articulated frame with buffer. The tangential tine arm provides optimum raking quality. Crank for working height adjustment. Wheels 18.850-8.