The Teagle T5050 Bale Feeder

Comfortable livestock are more productive.
Provide an even and absorbent bed of straw.

Increase consumption and reduce waste of baled silage.
Baled silage that is lightly shredded with a Tomahawk is more palatable and easily consumed.

Blow straw up to 35′, discharge to one or both sides of the tractor. Alternative delivery chutes are available to suit your requirements.

Discharge silage to the right hand side only into a ring feeder or along a feed barrier.

The Tomahawk 4040, 5050 and 5050XLM models use Blades to chop dry or wet material. With very wet material the chop length may be as low as 4 cm, and dry material will be around 15cm. long.

Easy control of output by adjusting the speed of drum rotation.

Tomahawk 4040 – Suitable for 1.2m (4′) diameter bales.
Tomahawk 5050 – Suitable for 1.5m (5′) diameter bales.
Tomahawk 5050XL – Suitable for 1.5m (5′) diameter bales and full size Hesston bales.
Various drum extensions are available for ease of operation or to accommodate larger rectangular bales.