No matter what field condition, spring or fall, the Incite from McFarlane is the tool for the job.

The Incite® 5100 Series tillage tool is the first-ever Universal Tillage® tool on the market. The Incite is an evolution in vertical tillage, as it provides the flexibility to adjust to different soil types and conditions from field-to-field and from year-to-year. The versatility of this tillage tool allows conservation tillage and minimum-tillage growers to accomplish in a single pass what once would take multiple passes with different tillage equipment.

With working widths from 14′ to 51′, the Incite is loaded with innovative, user-friendly design features such as the Universal Tillage® selector that allows for on-the-go hydraulic adjustment of disc gang angles.

Rear Hitch Assembly
Optional rear hitch assembly is available to pull other farm equipment for single pass capabilities.