Remlinger Manufacturing Co. offers their 2300 Series line of No-Till Drills, in 5′ through 15′ sizes. Small seed and native grass boxes are also available. The basic drill, with the large seed hopper only, can be used as a no-till drill in the traditional sense. It is capable of drilling a wide variety of beans, peas, wheat and larger grass seed. This basic setup can also be used to renovate existing pastures or create new pasture areas.

A small seed hopper can be added to the basic drill setup which will allow you to drill a wide variety of alfalfas, clovers, ryegrass and radishes. These seeds are normally used as a cover crop providing nutrients, loosening of the soil and weed control. The 5′ pull type drill is excellent for planting cover crops between rows in a vineyard.

The native grass and small seed hoppers can be used in any combination with the basic drill setup. Each can be added at any time. The Remlinger 2300 Grain Drill is capable of performing a wide array of applications across your farming operation.