60 Gallon- 3PT Model (Attaches to your compact or sub-compact tractor with category 1 three point hitch)

CropCare® 60 gallon sprayer is easy to operate, economical, and is useful in a wide variety of applications. This sprayer is designed to comfortably fit on nearly all small to large compact tractors with a category I hitch. Whether your spraying needs include spraying your large estate, a food plot, or a small field, a 60 gallon sprayer is an excellent investment. CropCare® 60 gallon sprayers come with a One-Year Warranty.

  •  13′ manual x-fold boom features: boom breakaway protection, nondrip TeeJet® nozzle bodies, TeeJet® air inducted extended range spray
    nozzles, 20″ nozzle spacing.
  • Roller Pump