Less Drying Time and Higher Outputs

Optimize your field efficiency with the GF 1003 T Series trailed rotary tedders, ranging in size from 25’7” to 56’5”. Both versatile and adaptable, these tedders are designed for producers and custom operators to harvest more crop in less time by easily transitioning from work to transport.

KUHN GF 1003 T Series trailed rotary tedders are ideal for both custom operators and hay producers. These machines provide exceptional tedding quality, resulting in a crop that is fully tedded over the entire width, and is efficiently and uniformly spread to maximize drying. Reduced drying times result in higher quality and nutritional value in hay and haylage.

The new OptiTedd rotors are the secret to rapid drying, excellent ground following and low incorporation of impurities in the crop, helping maintain maximum forage quality. These machines feature KUHN’s Headland Lift Control system, making them easy to lift and maneuver on headlands, while limiting the introduction of foreign materials like dust into the forage. Each of the rotor gearboxes are sealed, lubed-for-life and driven by KUHN’s patented DigiDrive® system, reducing maintenance. Despite the wide dimensions at work, these machines are incredibly compact in transport.