EGO Battery BA5600T POWER+ 10.0Ah Battery

• Upgraded fuel gauge to show how much run time is remaining – 20% increments
• Patented power management system to protect your battery and enhance the life
• Charges in 75 minutes with the Rapid Charger Charges in 190 minutes with EGO Power+ Standard
Charger • Compatible with all EGO tools
• ARC Lithium: Industry’s most advanced battery technology
• 3 year limited warranty, 5 year warranty with registration

Product Description
The 10.0Ah ARC Lithium Battery is the industry’s most powerful battery. Fully equipped with an upgradedfuel gauge. The built-in indicator lights lets you see how much run time you have left. With 5 segmentswrapping the power button, you can now see how much battery power you have left in 20%increments.The ARC Lithium™ battery technology is the industry’s most advanced; equipped withpatented Keep Cool Cell Technology; which keeps the cells cool and prolongs the life of the battery.

Technical Details
• Voltage: 56 V
• Battery Power Type: Lithium-ion
• Battery capacity: 10 Ah
• Tool Weight (pound): 7.535• Battery level indicator: Yes• Cooling technology: YesPackaging Contains
(1) 56V POWER+ 10.0 Amp Hour Battery [BA5600T]