EGO Battery RBA2100 POWER+ Rubber Broom Attachment

• 21” sweeping surface – cleans large areas
• Durable rubber sweeper for optimal performance
• Ideal for rocks and heavy debris
• Detachable Guard to prevent debris build up
• Tool-free rubber broom attachment • Detach without tools for clean and easy storage
• 10.6 in. diameter • 5 Year Warranty

Product Description
Add the EGO rubber broom attachment to your EGO Power+ Power Head for convenient cleaning or clearing. Clean up dirt and debris on any surface with the EGO Rubber Broom attachment. The 21-inchcleaning swath makes removing debris quick and easy compared to a broom. When the job is done simply detach the rubber broom for clean and convenient storage. EGO attachments are designed specifically for the EGO Multi-Tool System and offer the highest quality and performance.

Technical Details
• Tool Width (inch): 11.4
• Tool Length (inch): 37.8
• Tool Height (inch): 22• Tool Weight (pound): 13.8Packaging Contains
Rubber Broom Attachment