• HYD Swivel Chute/ Dual Chop

Now you can also process clamp and baled silage with the Tomahawk 8555. The screen which is usually fitted to ensure a consistently short chop length, is now removable through the side of the machine and an optional bypass frame is fitted.

3 Operating Modes

  1. Short Chop – knives and screen
  2. Shred – knives and bypass frame
  3. Distribute – no knives and bypass frame

Save time and fuel

Time and fuel can be saved by processing straw prior to it being added to the ration in a diet feeder, 66,000 chops per minute offers fast and consistent performance.

No over processing

Pre-process straw so that the diet feeder does not need to mix for as long, thereby reducing the problem of over processing the silage in the ration.

Short chop length

Chopping down to an average of 2″ with clean cut ends, means you can achieve the ideal material for feeding to create effective rumen stimulation and increased milk yields.